Cat litter box odour eliminator – Moodify-UK

Cat litter box odour eliminator

Just hang it above the litter tray and the smell is gone within minutes.

It's a brilliant invention, I didn't believe at first but it worked in minutes. 

Get a long-lasting, effective, and proven solution for getting rid of cat litter smell.

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How it works?

How it works?

Remove wrapping

Take out one of the two pendants

Hang near litter box at nose-level

Keep in an enclosed space (not an open space)

Replace after 2 weeks

Take out the other pendant and hang it instead

Customer reviews

  • Backed by science, works like magic

  • WhiteScent™ patented Technology for malodour control
    View patent

  • Safe to use, IFRA approved


How does the Moodify Pet work?

White Scent malodor control technology deploys a novel perceptual approach to removing bad smell. Instead of using over-intense amounts of perfume like in all other air fresheners, White Scent involves a clever activation of receptors in the olfactory bulb (that's the organ in charge of sensing smell) to make your brain 'think' that the bad smell is gone. It turns out that smell has its own spectrum (like the visible spectrum), and if you spread odor molecules equally across it, you get a malodour control effect without having an unpleasant mixture of bad smell and cheap perfume.

How do I use my Moodify Pet?

1. Each package includes 2 pendants. All you need to do is hang one pendant on the wall (at about the height of your nose) in the room where the litter box is placed.

2. Replace after 2 weeks.

3. Expect a magical effect immediately!

4. Not recommended for use in outdoor spaces.

How does the subscription work?

Moodify Pet’s monthly subscription includes a package sent to your house once every month. Each package contains two Moodify Pet pendants, each lasts for two weeks. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time by submitting a cancel request here.

How does the delivery work?

Packages are dispatched each working day at 1pm (Monday to Friday). Your package is sent out 1st class, and should arrive within 3-5 working days max. All shipping is free of charge across the UK. Currently shipping is available only in the UK.