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Frequently Asked Questions About Moodify Pet

How do I use my Moodify Pet?

Our Moodify Pet pendants are made of clay and are impregnated with a unique malodour control solution, based on "White Scent" patented technology, which achieves a malodur cancelling effect that is faster, smarter, more efficient, less intense and much more pleasant than other solutions.

1. Each package includes 2 pendants. All you need to do is hang one pendant on the wall (at about the height of your nose) in the room where the litter box is placed.

2. Replace after 2 weeks.

3. Expect a magical effect immediately!

4. Not recommended for use in outdoor spaces.

Tell me more about Moodify Pet's technology

Our Moodify Pet pendants are made of clay and are impregnated with a unique malodour control solution, based on "White Scent" patented technology, which achieves a malodur cancelling effect that is faster, smarter, more efficient, less intense and much more pleasant than other solutions.

White Scent malodor control technology deploys a novel perceptual approach to removing bad smell. Instead of using over-intense amounts of perfume like in all other air fresheners, White Scent involves a clever activation of receptors in the olfactory bulb (that's the organ in charge of sensing smell) to make your brain 'think' that the bad smell is gone. It turns out that smell has its own spectrum (like the visible spectrum), and if you spread odor molecules equally across it, you get a malodour control effect without having an unpleasant mixture of bad smell and cheap perfume.

What is your 60 day money back guarantee?

If for any reason you feel that our solution did not live up to your expectations or you think that somehow our service did not meet your standards of excellence, we offer a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. Just drop us an email and your last order will be fully refunded within 48 hours. And the best thing is we don't ask anything in return. You can keep your package post refund. 100% hassle free return, for real.

Where should I hang my Moodify Pet pendant?

You should hang it in the same room as your cat’s litter tray, at nose-height. This is because the molecules released from the pendant affect the perception of what we're smelling. That way we don't sense the ‘bad’ molecules coming from the cat litter. 

Your Moodify Pet pendant needs to be hung in an enclosed space, as it won't be effective for outdoor spaces (such as on a balcony, in a garden etc), because the molecules will evaporate in all directions.

How does the subscription work?

Moodify Pet’s monthly subscription includes
1. A package sent to your place once every month. Each package contains two Moodify Pet pendants, each lasts for two weeks. (Replace after 2 weeks)

2. It’s only £9.90 a month including shipping.

3. It can be cancelled anytime!

4. No minimum months obligation.

5. 30 days money back guarantee: If you didn't like the product just drop us an email and we will fully refund you for your purchase. And no, you won't even need to return the item:)

How does the delivery work?

Packages are dispatched each working day at 1pm (Monday to Friday). Your package is sent out 1st class, and should arrive within 3-5 working days max. All shipping is free of charge across the UK. Currently shipping is available only in the UK.

I have a rabbit/dog/other animal - can I use Moodify Pet?

Moodify Pet is also effective for use against rodent habitat malodour, including rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, and guinea pigs!

It's even effective against parrot poo malodour.

Unfortunately, its not effective against dog malodour.

I have more than one cat - what do I do?

Ah, so you’re a cat lover! Us too!

If both cats use the same box, than the regular monthly subscription does the job.

If however, your cats are special and use different boxes in different spaces, you will need a pendant for each space. A pendant is effective for spaces up to 5 * 5 meters.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time by dropping us an email. Your subscription will be cancelled within 24 hours.

Is Moodify Pet safe to use?

Yes! The product is completely safe to use for its purpose.
Moodify Pet is a passive plaster diffuser impregnated with a unique fragrance solution. All ingredients of the solution are IFRA approved (IFRA = International Fragrance Association), ensuring they can be used safely for fragrance purpose. It contains: Perfume, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxycitronellal, coumarin, benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, and limonene (D and L). Eye, mouth, and lip contact should be avoided.

How long does one pendant last for?

Each Moodify Pet pendant lasts for two weeks. After this, you should replace your Moodify Pet with another one...but you can still use your first one as a decoration for your living space, and still enjoy the smell of it! 

Are these recyclable?

The pendants are made of clay hence recyclable, the external packages are made of recyclable paper but contain aluminuium foil to keep efficacy so they aren't recyclable.

What does the pendant smell like?

Amazing! The pendant has a light tropical fragrance

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, DIscover, Diners Club and Maestro as well as Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Our store is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, the highest level of certification available in the payments industry. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

Can I hang my pendant against any surface?

You can hang your pendant anywhere in your home but we recommend that you do not put your pendant directly against an oil base painted surface. We recommend that you leave a space between the paintwork and the pendant.

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