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Cat Owners’ Relief As This Simple Hanging Pendant Works “Miracles” For Smelly Odour!

Moodify Pet is truly a game-changer! it has hundreds of 5-Star reviews!

You’ll wonder how you coped for so long without one!

Hundreds of cat owners across the UK have become obsessed with this new “hanging pendant” they claim will “turn your cat into a unicorn who poops roses!”

If you’re one of the thousands of cat owners who cannot live a moment longer with the stench of a smelly odour-filled home, then this revolutionary product by Moodify Pet will almost certainly answer your prayers.

See, having cats at home brings with it companionship, love, company while adding that “family” atmosphere at home (even if you live alone)...

However one of the top complaints from cat owners is that the smell of dirty cat litter is overtaking their home.

To make matters worse, perhaps you’re a cat owner who’s a little embarrassed to have guests into your home?

Plus, if you live with someone, it can cause tension if the other person can’t smell it or is “used” to it? However, if it’s ALL you can smell - like Michelle here, then read on:

Michelle’s Story

“My husband had two cats before we met. So now that we’re living together, they’ve also moved in with us.

Trouble is, their cat litter STINKS out our home!

Every evening, we both get in from work around 6pm and it smells like a toilet. I’ve tried a number of litters, changing them each day, used different fragrance sprays and no matter what I try...

I can smell cat poop all day long in the apartment.”

“I don't want a house that smells terrible.”

“My husband has gone nose-blind to the smell and doesn't notice it but I do. We’ve even had arguments about it. But I don't want to have a house that smells terrible and have guests who silently hate coming because it smells so bad.”

“After changing the litter, the next day it feels like my nostrils are burning from another room in the house!”

“However, before recently, I had no idea that something so incredibly simple and so effective could completely change everything for our home.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s saved our marriage since we’re no longer arguing over the smell and me blaming my husband for ruining our lovely home!”

If you’ve tried any of these common solutions before, then this “magical” odour-eliminator is for you…

  • Do you cover their litter box/tray or are you changing it DAILY?
  • Are you training your cat to use the toilet because the smell is so bad?
  • Are you burning scented candles, using “febreeze” sprays, and relying on other intensive air fresheners?
  • Or perhaps you’re sprinkling tons of baking soda in the bottom of your cat litter tray to try and cancel out the unpleasant odour?
If you answered “yes” to any or all of those, then this is perfect timing, as you no longer have to waste time, energy and money doing any of those things.

“There's no more stench in my house. The medallions have such a nice scent that spreads around the house.”
Roza G.

A bizarre and unlikely “decoration” that eradicates litter smells in minutes...

Have you had enough of that cat litter odour taking over your entire home? Or are you tired of constantly cleaning out cat litter because the smell becomes too much?

Well, doing this every day is a lot of effort and often you lose the battle - especially since fresh litter typically doesn’t stay neutral-smelling for long.

Well, those days are now gone. Quoted by some cat owners as something that looks like a cute tree decoration…

Moodify Pet has come up with an incredibly easy solution.

Odour elimination monthly package


““It eliminates all the horrible odours from your cat litter tray.”
Laura A.

So what is Moodify Pet and how does it work?

Odour elimination pendant
Who’d have guessed that a simple pendant like this could end the nightmare of a smelly cat tray?

Yes, Moodify Pet has rapidly caught attention on social media amongst delighted cat owners and now, because of this, they’re gaining some incredible reviews, too!

Moodify Pet pendants are designed to eliminate cat litter odours in your home once and for all.

With Moodify Pet, you just hang the pendant and the smell goes away!

Ever imagine coming home after a long day knowing that the moment you step through the front door, you’re hit with a fresh, odour-free smell?

Well, that reality is here. With Moodify Pet, you’ll no longer have those days where you come in resenting your little feline friend(s) for the unwelcoming stink.

Best of all, your cat won’t even know it’s there.

Moodify Pet means you will no longer smell nasty cat odours

It's basically a pendant that you hang above your furry friend’s litter tray around the nose height of an average person. And the smell is gone within minutes!

It’s made of clay and infused with a unique malodour control solution!

The pendant has a light tropical fragrance with a hint of citrus and lemon, so it’s beautiful for any home, meaning you get a long-lasting, effective and beautiful solution for getting rid of cat litter smell.

Cat litter tray stench eliminator
Your cat won’t even notice it (just have it plenty high enough out of their reach!)

Here’s the genius thinking behind Moodify Pet…

These simple pendants are created with WhiteScent™ patented technology to give you a malodour “cancelling” effect.

See, this effect is faster, smarter, more efficient, less intense and much more pleasant than other temporary solutions.

Let’s be honest, completely eliminating cat litter odour is not going to happen…

No matter what fragrances you use, or year-round airing out of your house or apartment.

Because many solutions temporarily ‘mask’ the litter smell that only lasts a few hours…

And mixing the bad cat litter stink with strong fragrances does nothing to make your home more pleasant - if anything, it’s worse for you or guests!

Moodify Pet is honestly amazing - read how the WhiteScent™ technology is nothing short of genius!

This innovative and scientific solution eliminates cat litter smell and lingering odours in minutes

As you can see, it’s not a home-remedy of “magic dust” you sprinkle in their tray…

The Moodify Pet pendant - which you hang plenty above the litter tray itself (around nose height) - activates receptors in the olfactory bulb. Say what?

It’s part of the forebrain that is located just above your nasal cavity that senses smell. Interesting, right?

And by activating these receptors, it creates a cancelling effect of the smell…

Ta da!

Yes, it turns out that smell has its own spectrum (like the visible spectrum that you can see with your eyes).

And if you spread odour molecules equally across it, you get a “malodour control effect” without having an unpleasant mixture of bad smell and cheap perfume. Genius.

See, all along you’ve probably never thought about a solution this easy, that could simply tell your brain “That’s strange, I can’t smell this anymore?”

Fast odour elimination in 3 easy steps

3 easy steps to eliminate the stench

Your home is a place you spend a lot of time. And if you’re working from home it’s important you make your environment pleasant and fresh.

The patented technology is based on 15+ years of scientific research and has proven efficiency from the first minute of use.

Pleasant and refreshing scent

With a refreshing light tropical fragrance with hints of citrus, these are fast becoming a huge hit among cat owners in the UK. Come back home to a house “smelling like roses” and not stale cat odour!

They couldn’t be simpler

Moodify is really changing lives for the better. Just hang it and forget it, then two weeks later, simply recycle the clay-made pendants for an eco-friendly solution to eliminating cat smells in your home.

The ultimate in ease and convenience

Not only can these simple pendants completely remove that awful smell from your home by simply hanging them on the wall, but if you happen to take your cat anywhere or have someone look after them…

Then the pendants can be moved and placed literally anywhere your cat uses their litter tray!

With cat litter smells gone, how long does each pendant last?

For every pack you receive, you get two pendants which lasts you a whole month. Simply change one every 2 weeks, that’s it.
When you subscribe to get these delivered once per month, you’ll save 25% on your first month too, in a limited-time new customer deal!

Odour eliminating pendants
Odour-eliminating hanging pendants.
Just hang it above the litter tray and the smell is gone within minutes!
Get a long-lasting, effective and proven solution for getting rid of cat litter smell.
Just change them every 2 weeks, easy.

Cat owners everywhere are loving the Moodify Pet odour eliminator!

Take a look at what some people have been saying about their Moodify Pet pendants

I cannot smell the odours from the litter tray anymore!
Grace P

This is great! Totally neutralises the smell!!
Nicola H

Moodify Pet was the absolute solution to my problem
Ashley F

First time in 15 years no cat pong amazing!!
Sheena M

Absolutely brilliant! 2 cats and 5 kittens and no more nasty smells
Emma S

These are amazing i loved them so much I ordered more
Dawn W

Absolutely brilliant, this actually works.
Karen S

Fast posting and smells lovely.
Kerrie C

It’s clear why Moodify Pet is becoming so insanely popular amongst cat owners everywhere!

The ultimate stench elimination product

What Makes Moodify Pet So Powerful?

  • Hang above your litter tray - the the smell is gone within minutes
  • WhiteScent™ patented technology that gives you a malodour “cancelling” effect.
  • You don’t need to be changing a full cat litter tray every single day.
  • Moodify Pet pendants are simple and give you 2 weeks of fresh-scented smell in your home.
  • There’s no need for air fresheners or toxic cleaners to remove the smell.
  • They’re extremely affordable, fast and efficient.

Where can you buy Moodify Pet?

Moodify Pet cat odour eliminator pendants are sold directly on our website 

Plus, right now you’re in luck since they’re offering a 25% discount on your first purchase when you sign up for flexible repeat deliveries!

You simply use code 25off when you arrive at the checkout.

Subscriptions are easy, flexible and hassle-free

The best thing about offering a 25% initial discount on your first delivery, is that it comes with a super easy subscription plan.

This flexible plan means you get two pendants in a single package delivered to your door each month and you can cancel at any time.

Just click for one single order, and you’re done. Moodify Pet takes care of the rest!

PLUS, you’ll get FREE UK shipping on every single order - whether you’re buying at full price or joining other happy Moodify Pet customers who enjoy a 50% discount each month!*

*Compared to a single one-time purchase each month.

25% OFF your first delivery


Try Moodify Pet risk-free - covered by our 30-day money back guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, Moodify Pet will return your investment... every single penny... with zero hard feelings.

We know the likelihood of that happening is low... and that’s because we have spent the last few years perfecting our scented formula, design, and technology... as well as invested thousands of pounds in independent, cruelty-free testing.

ATTENTION: As a special introductory online exclusive sale, Moodify Pet is offering 25% Off + Free Shipping to all new customers on their first order on a subscription plan.

However, this deal can be taken down at any time - it’s unlikely to stay ‘live’ for long. So the advice is to act now, and take advantage of this special one-time offer!

And because these have received a lot of publicity and a swarm of 5-star reviews up and down the UK, we suggest you take advantage of their sale while supplies are still available.

Please check their site to see if stock is currently available.


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